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Weekly Update 9.29.2011

When you get up in the morning and go about your tasks or go to work, do you sometimes forget who you work for? If you're like me, you become so anxious to get things done, that your vocation and calling as God's harvest worker may get lost in your busyness. Curiously, though, nearly all of the incidents in which people become involved with Christ happen at work. The disciples are caught while they are fishing, and the tax collectors are accosted in their offices. The blind and the crippled are busy begging for their living when Jesus comes along. This seems to say something like: if Jesus is not our Redeemer in the area where we spend the largest quota of our time, in the routine business of business, then what becomes of our Sundays? 

These are just some observations as I ponder the words of the parable about the vineyard owner and his tenants. The text is Matthew 21:33-43. And I'm confident that the Lord will provide more thoughts on this parable for when He gathers us on Sunday.

In Christ,

Pastor Dunn

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