Quick Updates from the Pastor

  • When you come to Bible Class and worship this Sunday, please bring with you plastic grocery bags. Our Food Pantry is in need of them again.
  • Immanuel's regular monthly Voters Meeting will be held this Sunday after the service.
  • St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Lee's Summit, will install their new Assistant Pastor, Matthew Hardaway, this Sunday at 3:00 pm.
  • The Adult Bible Class will continue its study of Daniel with chapters 8 and 9 being covered this Sunday.
The theme for our Sunday worship will be "Really? God Never Gives Us More Than We Can Handle?" 2 Corinthians 12:1-10.
With the temperatures as hot as they are, breaking records, please call me if you are in need of anything. There's no need for any of us to be miserable or to take unnecessary risks when help is only a phone call away. You can reach me at (816)518-2891.
In Christ,



Church Picnic This Weekend

Immanuel's Church Picnic is this Sunday, June 10, at Loose Park right after the service. We'll meet next to the Rose Garden. Bring a dish to pass and your own lawn chair(s). The meat and the drinks will be provided. Count yourself in.

In Adult Bible Class, we will continue our study of Daniel 7.

God bless you, and I'll see you this weekend.

In Christ,





A Few Quick Notes...

This Saturday, June 2, at 10:00 am, Immanuel's volunteers will team up with Peace Lutheran's volunteers to post flyers on our upcoming VBS. This should be a good day to do it, since there should be a lot of people out and about in the neighborhood. Saturday is also NeighborWorks Day, so there will be volunteers out and about cleaning up the vacant lots. If you can come and help, please do.
In Sunday Adult Bible Class, we will be studying Daniel chapter 7, leading us into our study of the last half of Daniel, all of which is prophecy. Some may shy away from the study of Daniel, thinking that it is too controversial. I held that same thinking at one time. However, after closer inspection I think Daniel answers far more of our questions than it raises, and I have grown much from this book. There is great comfort to be found in the last half of Daniel's twelve chapters. Why allow these chapters to remain a puzzle to you? Life is too short for that. Come and help us to fit the pieces together.
For worship, we will be using a special order of service for Trinity Sunday. It will help us manage our time, also.
God bless you in Christ,




Immanuel's VBS will now be the last two Wednesdays in June (20th and 27th) and the last three Wednesdays in July (11th, 18th, and 25th).

Mark your calendars! 

Pastor Dunn


The Latest from the Pastor

Immanuel has been a vital part of its neighborhood association since its inception, hosting the neighborhood association meetings and gatherings for some years now. The cooperative effort of congregation and neighborhood association is yielding great fruit. If you read the Kansas City Star, you may have seen a story on its front page a couple of weeks ago on how Brad Pitt’s foundation, Make It Right, is going to repurpose an abandoned elementary school building that is only one block from the church. Groundbreaking for the Bancroft School Project is scheduled for June 1, 2012. Fifty apartment and condominium units will be carved from the existing property. Common areas inside the building like the gymnasium, cafeteria, and auditorium will be retained and refurbished for use by the neighborhood. An underground parking garage for the unit residents will be added. All will be done to LEED Platinum standards, the highest standard of green, sustainable construction.

If you wish to see an artist’s rendering of what the finished product will look like, go to and see their home page. (You will see also that the architect plan for this project won an international award.) What you’ll see is the back side of Bancroft School, facing Forest Avenue. This drawing shows the new construction. The other side of the school will retain its historical façade. The new units should be available to rent in the summer of 2013.

The hope is that this replacement of urban blight with something that is both beautiful and a functional asset to the neighborhood will attract other positive redevelopment to Immanuel’s Historic Manheim Park neighborhood and the whole urban core of Kansas City. Already, Bank of America is pledging funds to refurbish homes in the Kansas City urban core and to pay for the demolition of houses that cannot be refurbished.

One person who has played a key role recently in advancing the neighborhood toward revitalization is Saundra Hayes. Saundra recently completed Confirmation instruction at Immanuel and will soon be confirmed. Saundra is also the president of the Historic Manheim Park Association. Her leadership, organizational skills, and energy have been instrumental in cleaning up the neighborhood and lowering the crime rate by 26 percent.

I remember the first time I tasted Saundra’s cream of tomato soup. She had brought it to church when it was her turn to host the luncheon for one of Immanuel’s midweek noon services. It was so good. Yet, it was so different.  A thought has stayed with me ever since. Isn’t it possible to have a congregation that’s a little like a potluck dinner? At a potluck, everyone brings something to the table. Just think of all of those different dishes on the table, all the different colors and aromas and flavors, representing all the different households of the congregation. And we all eat from that table. We eat what we brought, we try a little of everyone else’s dish, and our plate looks like the potluck table in miniature. It doesn’t matter if there’s a dish on the table we’ve never tried before. We try a little of it anyway.

Couldn’t a church be like that? No matter how different we may be from one another in color, age, or economic status, everyone has something he or she brings to the table. When Paul wrote about the early church, he didn’t write so much about how they were all the same. He wrote about how different they were. They all had different gifts. But all of them brought something to the table that the church needed. They all needed each other. Could this be what we should be working towards: a church for all nations?

Pastor Jim Dunn    

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