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The Order of Things...

We begin each service in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

Confession and Absolution

We then confess that we are by nature sinful people.  We don't love God as we should and we don't love our neighbors as ourselves.

Sin is not something we can overcome by working hard at being a good person.  Death still comes.  We need a savior - we need the blood of Jesus, our creator and redeemer for the forgiveness of our sin.

This is exactly what we receive!  We hear the sweet words of absolution, from Christ himself spoken through the pastor...  We are forgiven!  Halleluia!  

The Word of God

The Word is read from holy scriptures and we stand in honor of the readings from the Gospel.  Also, the pastor will preach a sermon based on one of the readings or a related reading from the Bible.  Since the whole purpose of the Bible is to point people to Jesus, that's what the sermon will do too.  If you're looking for self-help, watch TV.  If you're looking for Jesus Christ and Him crucified for you, that is exactly what you'll find when our pastor preaches!

Singing Hymns

Interspersed are hymns we sing and responses we say and sometimes sing.  It is OK if these tunes are unfamiliar!  Focus on the words and enjoy the music.  Everything we do fits the theme of the day and is almost always based on a passage of scripture. 


We also pray together with humble hearts and in the same way offer our monitory gifts.